Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Terminator

Do you recognize this movie?

Beth Lacey, one of our team mentors, created the Terminator head as a project after she wanted to learn more about 3D printing. Lacey said she "love[s] the Terminator movies" and it was a bonus when she knew she could gift it to team 2550, Skynet.

Lacey chose to print the Terminator head for two reasons: "One [,] I wanted to print something that my son would find cool and be able to show some of the 3D capabilities. Second...I realized I would be working with Skynet [and] I knew I had to make one."

The whole process took 18 hours to produce. With the inspiration from Lacey and because of our team name (Skynet), we intend on 3D printing an additional Terminator head for the top of our team flagpole. Were ready to take our team spirit to a new level.

-Team 2550 Skynet

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