Saturday, December 17, 2016

Pre-Season Updates

With less than 50 days until build season, our team is working together to prepare for the future competitions. 

Mechanical and Programming Updates: Our latest side project has been to complete a test bed for our team programmers to utilize for practice code. This will enable both the programmers and mechanics to stay on schedule during the build season as each department now has a test bed (programmers) or the competition robot (mechanics.)

Business Updates: This past year, our marketing team has been working hard to recruit new members. As a team, we now have a total of 33 members and have improved our team diversity by reaching out to the community. We are continuing to work on diversification. One example of this is by providing Spanish promotional materials for our surrounding communities. Not only have we gained a consistent student member base, but we have also gained 5 new mentors. Welcome to all our new members. 

Lastly, with a larger team, we are emphasizing the importance of communication. As a team, we have begun to use the pproject management sofwatre, Trello, in order for students to communicate tasks through a virtual application. This has been a success so far and we continue to complete tasks on time while updating fellow team members.

If you are interested in stopping by, click here to view our team meet schedule. 
-Team 2550 Skynet 

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