Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 Competition Season Recap

Although we did not get to proceed forth to the PNW Championships, it does feel as if we did win our own championship after the growth and learning that bloomed this season.

For mechanical, we have had a lot of graduating members prior to our season as well as incoming members. This allowed for a chance to grow and develop new skills as a team. One thing that flourished out of this was the willing and eagerness to learn new things, an abundance of perspectives and aspirations for robot designs, and the perseverance to continue improving our robot design especially from our students leading projects including Chris Ashby, Reece Elledge, and, Jeremy Sneed.

Although they may be hidden away in a quiet room to themselves, the programming team made significant strides in developing and using sensors. Nathan Walker, Skynet's programming lead, dedicated time to researching encoders, gyroscopes, ultrasonic, and was successfully able to program each of them. 

If you have been to a robotics competition before, you will understand that there is one important practice that almost everyone in the stands participates - scouting. This was the first year our team was able to develop a strong scouting system that we can reliably receive and analyze data. Lead by 
Brayton Kerekffy, the team was able to purchase new tablets, have a strong system, and thoroughly analyze data. 

A "Pacman" gift to teams. 
Thanks to our business team, we were not only able to welcome and thank teams attending our home event at Clackamas Academy of Industrial Sciences, but we were also able to demonstrate Gracious Professionalism, a FIRST robotics principle. Our business team created fun and memorable gifts to hand out to teams ranging from Candy Robots to Pacman medallions to implementing the "arcade" theme of this year's challenge. 

Banner designed by Hollace Avent
Lastly, our Safety team received the Safety Pit Award this competition season! So be sure to always wear your safety glasses when working in the pits and our shop so they can keep up their streak. 

-Skynet Team 2550

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