Sunday, March 4, 2018

CAIS Competition Recap

The leadership team of Skynet took a seat at a large conference table Saturday morning across from our robotics lab. With two weeks left of build season, we needed to finalize a manipulator design and make some serious decisions. So there we were, sitting across from one another to only wonder how far we could make it in the competition without a fully developed manipulator…..
This was our team two weeks ago and fast forward past a week of cancelled practices due to weather, to our first competition, and we become part of the top 8 alliances of week 1 competition!
Competing in the quarter finals could not have been possible without our mentors and the aspirations of every Skynet team member coming together.
Something new this year was our pit crew. Skynet members jumped into action and were ready to solve any problem that our robot encountered, allowing our drive team to focus, collaborate and compete hard (with gracious professionalism of course!)
Programming developed complex autonomous programs that were mastered at a high success rate.
Scouting has the strongest system our team has ever had and it could be a potential solution to other teams and their scouting as well.
Every team department has made some monumental steps this season and we still have five weeks to go!

Mr.Busse (Woodie Flowers Nominee)

CAIS Competition Awards
Pit Safety Award

Woodie Flowers Nomination – Mr. Busse

-Skynet Team 2550

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