Saturday, March 17, 2018

Extended Build Season Update

The theme of this past week for Skynet students was...encoders! Mechanical and programming teamed up to finalize our encoder research and installation process as after our first competition, we recognized how vital a reliable and safe installation of encoder sensors are. 

In addition to the finalization of encoders, mechanical is continuing to improve our manipulator designs and programming, is prepared to fine tune those adjustments in our code. 

Scouting spent this last week analyzing how our new scouting system was perceived at the competition. So far, this has been the strongest scouting system we have had as a team! They also added some new improvements on the user side to make it more detailed. 

Safety has been preparing the procedures for what will come in the post-competition and 2019 seasons. Our marketing team is eager to demonstrate our team's Gracious Professionalism (a key principle in robotics) by providing support to teams at our Lake Oswego competition. 

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