Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Autodesk Code Sprint Award

Congratulations to Team 2550 for winning the Autodesk Code Sprint Challenge!

Autodesk hosted a Code Sprint challenge for students to contribute code in 20 days to create the best addition to their robotics simulator, Synthesis. Synthesis is a robotics simulator built by a group of 15 high school interns that is made for other FRC high school students to design, test, and experiment with their robots before actually building it. This provides FRC students more time to test code, practice driving, and develop strategies within the six-week build season. 

A Perspective From Skynet Programmers
When the challenge started on August 1st, two main programmers, Nathan Walker and Brayton Kerekffy immediately got to work. "After 20 days of hard work, Nathan and I submitted our addition and waited for the results to come." - Kerekffy The first place team of the Code Sprint challenge would receive $1500 in FIRST grants. About a week ago, it was announced that our submission would be awarded with the grand prize of $1500. 

Be sure to checkout what our Skynet Programmers contributed to Synthesis 4.0!

-Skynet Team 2550

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