Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Summer Recap

One of our biggest team goals is to spread the word of FIRST and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) while providing an opportunity for students to explore their interests. This past summer, we dedicated most of our time to getting to know some of our new team members and inviting new students to participate in our robotics team. We had around 12 active members attend our four weekly sessions.

 Our organize robotics lab

We also worked on splitting our robotics lab into two sections: a "clean" lab and a fabrication lab. The clean lab has been proposed for design, testing, and assembly needs. The fabrication lab has been designated for cutting, grinding, sawing, etc.. In addition to these work areas, we also continue to use our fully functioning machine shop and our robotics classroom for business and programming. This process has helped us accumulate the additional space we were needing and prove thorough organization for our team with 4 distinct work areas. We continue to work on using LEAN processes to organize our work spaces.

The Maker Faire at OMSI was another successful outreach event for us this summer as we shared our love of robotics and spread the word of FIRST to our younger community members.

-Team 2550 Skynet

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